Geeks do Star Trek Dating

Everyone knows that this is currently the age of the geeks right? With shows like The Big Bang Theory showcasing why geeks are cool our glasses wearing friends have never had such a good chance to find the right guy. So we thought we’d let you know that geeks really are dating on Star Trek Dating.

Why Star Trek Dating?

Why would you want to sign up to a dating site like Star Trek Dating then? Well if you have been attracted to a geek in the past then it makes sense to sign up to a site with all the top geeks logging in daily. That’s one of the main reasons you should join Star Trek dating or other geek dating sites.

So whats great about dating geeks? Check out our list below;

1. Geek’s are loyal. They appreciate being with someone special and as such are less likely to cheat on you. That’s got to be a good thing right?

2. They remember dates. Gone are the days of your birthday or anniversary being forgotten about.

3. Geeks are thoughtful. They will go out of their way to get to you on an emotional level.

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So what will you be expected to put up with if you date a geek. Well the chances are they will be expects in their field, whatever their field is and will want to talk to you about it. Naturally that means you may not know what they are on about all the time.

Geek’s will also want to share movie nights with you. Now if you are expecting the latest Hollywood blockbuster then you are probably setting yourself up for a disappointment. Instead you’ll probably be treated to some amazing sci fi that you never thought you’d watch. Give the show or movie a chance, most of them are really good and you may find you enjoy it.

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Naughty Dating sites Answer Your Naughty Side

Sometimes we all need a break from online dating right? That’s fair enough, sometimes we meet crazy people via online portals and we just need to take a step back and re-evaluate what we’re looking for. Doe’s that then mean we should be using naughty dating sites to take care of our needs? We are all human after all.

So what does a naughty dating site offer in terms of experience. Well basically it’s exactly the same as a regular online dating site. You’ll sign up (normally for free), write an online dating profile and upload a picture or two of yourself. Whats different about the two is that a naughty dating site is specifically set up for people looking to hook up! How amazing is that? No pretence – it’s all about getting down and dirty in the bedroom.

Naughty Dating – What Not To Do

So if you sign up to an online naughty site one of the things that you really should not do is upload pics of your male or female parts. Why? Well even if these sites are all about the bedroom action it’s not the most attractive profile picture is it. more importantly it will put people off of contacting you. They may all be looking for no strings attached fun but most of the people who have signed up would still like to know what your face looks like first.

So how can you get the best out of your naughty dating experience? Check out our list below;

1. Make sure you spend some time writing your profile. Keep in mind that you want to make it attractive so that people respond to your messages.

2. Remember not to upload a pic of your body parts at first – but have one ready just in case someone asks for it.

3. Respond to all messages you receive. You’ll maximise your chances of getting someone into bed.


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Professional Dating

With more and more people now working longer hours in the work place a new breed of online dating site has emerged. Now if you are looking to meet someone working just as hard as you then you can sign up to a professional dating site like Ladders Dating.

Professional Dating for Professionals

So why have so many professionals started to turn to online dating sites and especially professional online dating sites? Simple really. These people are running out of time during the day. You know the feeling right? Back to back meetings, a rushed lunch and no time for dinner really makes finding the perfect partner to fit into your busy schedule quite tough. Signing up for free to such a site then can help find the perfect person.

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Let’s face it you will be asking any person to enter your life to accept certain issues and decisions you make. You might be more often late for dates that the average gal or guy. That’s fine, especially if the other person who you are potentially dating knows just how busy life is.

Remember one rule has to be the same for each of you. Sometimes you may be cancelled on. That’s fine because as a fellow professional you have to accept that when professional dating it can be tough to keep all those plans. That is after all why you are single in the first place right?

It’s key to remember that dating online works if you put yourself in the middle of it. You do have to make time for dating to work and for your romance to flourish into something special. It’s fine to work hard and be successful at what you do but most people long for that company after hours. This is one way to make sure you get it.

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Plenty More Fish Means More for Everyone

Did you know that in the US alone there are 54 million single people? That’s a huge number of people looking for a soul mate online. Further to that its a fairly even male to female split with men accounting for 52.4% and woman representing 47.6% of the online dating world. This means that for single people looking to meet singles it’s easy to get lost in the numbers. After all there really are plenty more fish out there.

Being Surrounded by Plenty More Fish Means YOU Need To Stand Out

So how can you stand out from the crowd? What can you do to help your profile catch plenty more fish or the eye of the person you fancy? Check out some of our top tips for some handy online dating hints.

#1 Make Use of Your Online Dating Profile

Writing about yourself can be really hard but its vital to spend some time planning and writing your online dating profile. It is after all the single thing that people will read about you before deciding to get in touch. It shouldn’t be to long and it shouldn’t be short. Your online profile should talk about your interests and what you are looking to find. If you need help writing your profile consider a professional dating profile service for help.

#2 Upload a Profile Picture

Did you know that having an online profile picture will increase your interactions ten fold? It’s a fact that having a picture will greatly improve your online dating experience. For your main profile picture its important to have a clear shot of just you. The last thing you want are emails asking “which one are you?”.

#3 Send Some Messages

Now that you’ve got your online dating profile sorted and your picture uploaded its time to break the ice and get in touch with some potential dates. Do a search of your local area and see who comes up. Getting yourself out there can be hard but it is after all the reason you signed up.

#4 Respond to Some Messages

Not all messages you receive will be from people you are attracted to. However responding is kind and you never know what the next few messages will bring. It only takes five minutes and may inspire a great conversation.

We know if you use our plenty more fish top tips that your online dating experience will be off to a flying start.

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Plenty Fish

Dating is helped with Plenty Fish – we’re here for YOU

Did you know that online dating is now an acceptable way to meet someone especially when there are plenty fish looking for singles just like you. Signing up for an online dating experience can be quite tough so knowing that millions of people do it every day should help. But sometimes you need just a little more help to get started.

What Are YOU looking for?

Making sure you sign up to the right type of site is very important. If you are looking for a general dating site (a site which has all shapes and sizes) then consider Singles Warehouse but if you are looking for something a little more targeted consider a different site. What other types of sites are there? Well you can try Mature Dating or Sci Fi Dating to meet the guy or gal of your dreams.

What’s Great About Online Dating?

There are many reasons to try online dating – here’s just a few of them below;

  • Its FREE to sign up – so you can have a good look around and see if anyone takes your fancy
  • Unlike going to a bar everyone has joined for the same reason, to meet singles
  • You get to see a picture, or a few pictures to help you decide if you fancy them
  • You can respond or ignore messages when they hit your inbox
  • Can help to build your confidence
  • Most sites have an instant message system
  • Its safe – you take no chances and don’t need to give out your personal information
  • 1000’s of new profiles are created every day – meaning you always have new opportunities
Remember to get a feel of the site you are on. If you don’t think its quite right for you move on. If you like something specific, like redheads, try a site that has a focus on that. And most of all remember dating should be fun especially mature dating.

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Online Dating Advice

Online Dating Advice: Top Tips

Do you need some online dating advice? If so you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got loads of tips to make sure your online dating adventure has a real jump start. You’ve probably already looked at our posts about online dating pictures and what to write for your dating profile. So keep reading for some other great ideas.

Sending That First Online Dating MessageOnline Dating Profile Advice

Making sure you send an effective first message is key to getting a response. Whatever you do DO NOT write a generic message that you send to all your matches. You need to be tailoring messages to people you are actually interested in.

So whats the secret to a great first message? Well read their profile and find out something about them. You may be lucky enough to find out that you have something in common and you can talk with authority about the subject. You are more likely to get a response if the receiver feels you’ve taken the time to get to know them a little.

Respond To All Messages

You are naturally going to get messages from people you might not be interested in straight away. We think you should reply to EVERY message. Not only is it a nice thing to do but it also gives you the opportunity to get to know someone…

…and who knows where that will lead???

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