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We all know the saying there are plenty more fish in the sea, but should we actually believe that there are other people or possibilities, especially when one person or thing has been unsuitable or unsuccessful. The answer is YES, there are 6 billion people out there and chances are there is someone else in the world who is perfectly suited to you. It may take a while, but you have to maintain hope that you will find them.

Ideal have listed their top tips on how to find hope and faith that you will find that special person again:

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Find Hope in Action.

You must take the steps necessary to move toward and move on from your ex. This may mean throwing out all his old things or even taking a new class and meeting new people. Although we are not saying to push to your emotions to one side, you must actively take the steps to move on.

Find Hope Family & Friends

Make sure that you are open to sharing your feelings with the people you love (friends & family) even if you do feel like you have been hurt. Let the people who love you help you through your difficult time. This way you have support when you need it to help you move on.

Find Hope in Trust.

Even if you have been badly burnt, you have to learn how to trust again. This may take time and you may find t very hard. But if you don’t learn how to trust, you will never be able to fully open up your heart and find someone new.

Find Hope in Change.

The only thing that is constant in this world is change. You have to go with the flow and experience all that change has to offer. Don’t look back over your shoulder and regret. Change can be the best things when trying to get over someone and move on.

Find Hope in Letting Go.

You have to let your ex go and move on, easier said than done we know. But if you still hold a flame for them, they are holding you back from moving on. This is unhealthy and letting go will give you space to open up and let someone else in. Also remember if you let someone go, if it is meant to be they will come back on day , but you cannot put your life on hold in hope of that day.

Find Hope in The Least Expected Places

You can find hope in the most unexpected places. Stop looking for love and let it find you, you never know the man of your dreams may be just around the corner.

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