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What Fish Dating Picture Should You Use?

If you’ve only just joined a plenty fish dating site then you really need to know that what pictures you use on your profile will determine how much success you have. it’s not because people are horrible and only want a tall dark handsome fella, it’s because this picture is the first impression anyone gets of you. Normally this will help the ‘searcher’ decide on if they want to read your profile or not so it’s important to get it right.

Most dating sites will allow you to upload multiple pictures to your account meaning that you’ll have a chance to show off all the great things you do and people that you share your life with. BUT there is an order to this so check out our top tips below.

My First Fish Dating Picture 

Your very first picture that you upload is obviously the most important. Why? Well because this is the picture that people will see in the search results. It will help them to decide whether or not to ‘click’ on you.

We always recommend a ‘facial’ shot for this. The picture should show your face and maybe the upper half of your body also. Try not to have to busy a background. This shot is all about you.

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The Friends Fish Dating Shot

The stigma of online dating has gone and its now a pretty standard tool when looking to meet singles online. It’s OK to upload a shot of your friends (just to prove you have some). Just make sure none of them are hotter than you. the last thing you want is a flood of messages asking if your mate is single.

The Activity Fish Dating Shot

Do you do some kind of activity that would inspire a great conversation? Play hockey maybe, like playing a musical instrument or work part time in a charity organisation? Think about adding a picture like this also. It will inspire messages from the opposite sex asking about how you got into it, how fun it must be or that they wish they could do it.

You might be tempted to use a ‘naughty pic’ – DON’T. If you are looking for that kind of site sign up to Adult Dating.

Remember any opportunity to get someone talking is an opportunity for a date. So what are you waiting for. Sign up to an online dating site by clicking the relevant banner on the right hand side.

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