What Makes You A Catch? Who’s Your Perfect Match?

what makes you a catch

There are plenty of fish in the sea. We know it all too well, us online daters.

So, what makes you a catch?

There is no shortage of dating sites and let’s be honest, no shortage of dates either, if we have a healthy amount of curiosity and nail some decent communication beforehand.

What happens on the date then? I should count myself lucky to have dated a great majority of decent guys, and almost none of them left me wanting to run for the hills, which altogether makes me an exception from the rule, as bad dates can be a bit of a norm.

Get The Area and Get the Age Group and You’re Set

Or are you? At first glance there are not only plenty of fish, but plenty of matches, too. Especially in the big cities. There are an amazing number of men you can have an intelligent conversation with, paired with a good cocktail, maybe tapas, sushi, Indian or Italian cuisine or a fresh brew in the oldest free house in England. Or you can even have a man cook for you. Possibly on the 2nd date.

When Do You Know Your Date is An Almost Match?

Probably in the first 10 seconds of meeting the guy. That’s when you know with almost 100% certainty that you’d like to see him again. That’s how much first impressions weigh.Then comes the ritual.You get to know some basics about each other. And, unless he picks his nose or does something equally off putting or says something that shakes you to the core, chances are that you’ll be already trying to map out the odds of a 2nd date. And if that goes well, a third one.
Now, even though you get to know more about each other, he remains an almost match, someone you spend some good times with. As the more you meet, the more you realise just how different the two of you are.

What’s happening here? Big cities can make us into a sort of a blend, on the surface at least. We blend in with many others. We might like similar foods, drinks, even shows, pastimes and can get along for a considerable length of time. It can even seem that we are a match. But truth is, we need much more to go the distance. Core beliefs and habits can be the make or break of relationships. Connection on that level is paramount.

Back to What Makes You a Catch

I’ve recently read an article about dating in New York, from a guy’s perspective. New York is the city where all the smart, beautiful, interesting women go to. Art, career, adventure, New York has it all. And what it also has, is more women than men.But that’s not just typical of New York. Most big cities have an overflow of smartly dressed career women donning perfect hairdos, who are single and are on the dating scene. Eligible men are a lot fewer. In conclusion, when it comes to dating, it’s a man’s world in the big cities.

Another article, this time written by a woman tells us about her disappointing experience when attending an event that she had paid to get into, in the hope to meet single men.

What happened? All her girlfriends were chatted up within minutes, whilst she was left alone. You might ask, why? Her girlfriends were mostly Asian, whilst she was a blonde with big breasts.

It seems that on the dating scene exotic wins. And the term “opposites attract” was probably never as true as nowadays. She might have been a total hit in another circle. More than ever before we need to define how and where can we stand out. We have to find our niche and bond with others within our niche. Another term, “Brand You” might have never been more actual than nowadays.You have to define what makes you unique.

Wondering what makes you a catch? We might be able to help. Get in touch.

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Laura Gub

Author: Laura Gub

Laura has worked as a fashion, photographic, editorial and life model for over seven years. She had the opportunity to develop a keen sense of style and a strong eye, for the "right" picture. Her years spent as a model have proven invaluable in determining the best ways of introducing oneself effectively, whether online or offline. She founded "Brand You - Simply Your Dating Coach"

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