Online Dating Safety


Online Dating Safety: Stay Safe

It’s important to always remember online dating safety. Have you met someone online that you think you might really fancy. That feel is great isn’t it? We’d like it to stay that way.

“Staying safe is the number one priority”

We want you to enjoy your date so its important to make sure you safety is taken care of before you go on that magical first date. More often that not everything will be fine however there are some tools that you can use you make sure you stay safe.

Online Dating Safety: is an app for your iPhone to help you stay safe whilst out on a date. It works on a simple premise that you tell that app what time you expect to be home and when you get home you confirm you are there. Great right? however if you don’t confirm you are safe your phone will automatically contact the people you told it to when you set it up.

Head over to their site to download the app – better safe than sorry. It really is personal security in your pocket. Even if your phone is broken the system records your last known position and let’s people know that. It’s a must have dating application.

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Online Dating Safety: Let Someone Know Where You Are Going

You may be a little embarrassed that you are going out on a date and that’s understandable. If so the app above might suit you better but just in case you don’t have an iPhone make sure you do the next best thing. Tell a friend where you are going. Agree a time that you will contact them by to let them know you are safe.

If you are a dating lady┬áthen staying safe is a very important part of the planning process. Plan right and you won’t fail at dating online.